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Everything you always wanted to know about Caotina.


Is Caotina vegan?

As you can see on the ingredient list, Caotina Classic and Dark doesn’t contain any animal ingredients. For most vegans this is adequate for their vegan nutrition. But we didn’t develop the product especially for a vegan nutrition, that’s why we do not declare it as vegan.

If it’s quite enough for you, that Caotina Classic and Caotina Dark doesn’t contain any animal ingredients, you can enjoy it in context of a vegan nutrition.

Caotina White and Caotina Chocolate Spread contain powdered milk and are therefore not suitable for a vegan diet.

Does Caotina Contain lactose?

Caotina White powder and Caotina Pronto powder contain lactose. Caotina Classic and Dark powders are lactose-free. When mixed with normal milk, however, the resulting drink contains lactose. For a lactose-free version, mix Caotina Classic or Dark powder with lactose-free milk or soy milk.

Is Caotina suitable for diabetics?

Caotina Classic, Dark and White contain added sugar and can be included in the dietary plan subject to prior consultation with a specialist. 

Does Caotina contain Gluten?

No, all Caotina products (Caotina Classic, Dark, White) are gluten-free!