About us

Caotina – The finest and only Swiss Chocolate you can sip. Experience the rich diversity of indulgent moments from three different, sippable varieties. 

What exactly is Caotina?

A perfect chocolate treat for the discerning connoisseur
Caotina is a premium chocolate drink made with rich, delicious Swiss chocolate, available in three varieties (Classic, Dark and White). Drink it hot, drink it cold, drink it any time or anywhere, and enjoy its burst of flavour and boost of sweet energy!

Caotina: Bursting with Swiss goodness
Invented by Wander in 1963 in the heart of Switzerland's lush alpine wonderland to meet the growing demand for tastier and healthier food products, Caotina contains 7% real Swiss chocolate gently combined with 19% reduced-fat cocoa powder, making Caotina a rich, well-balanced and smooth chocolate drink full of the pure taste of Swiss chocolate.

Caotina: first in flavour, first in quality
Caotina is a perfectly balanced blend of premium ingredients brought together in delicate powder form that quickly and easily dissolves in hot or cold milk. This, together with our long-standing experience and continuous drive to include only the finest raw ingredients, means Caotina reigns supreme as one of the best chocolate drink powders on the global market today.