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Terms of use and privacy policy for online services

I. Terms of use

Access to and use of the online services of WANDER AG (hereinafter “WANDER”), CH-Neuenegg, takes place only under the following terms.

1. Information such as texts, images, audio signals, videos and software (hereinafter “Information”) may be downloaded, processed or utilised for non-commercial use only.

2. If information is required pursuant to clause 1 of these terms, all entries relating to the protection of industrial property must be updated.

3. WANDER does not give any guarantee or assurance that use of the information will not infringe the rights of third parties.

4. All rights to information connected with WANDER's online services will in any case remain fully with WANDER or with third parties that allow WANDER to use them. Rights will pass to users only if directly necessary for access and use according to these terms.

5. Although WANDER makes every effort to ensure that the information is exact and up to date, the information may be incorrect. WANDER therefore reserves the right to change, correct or improve the information at any time and without advance notice. Furthermore, WANDER accepts no liability for the information.

6. WANDER assumes no responsibility and liability for damages or viruses that through access to and use of information have a negative impact on computers or other property.

7. Except when expressly guaranteed by WANDER, information obtained from or sent to its online services will be treated as non-confidential and non-protected information. Everything sent to WANDER becomes its property on arrival and can be used for all purposes, in particular for reproduction, disclosure, transmission, publication, broadcasting and dispatch. In addition, WANDER has the right to freely dispose of ideas, concepts, know-how or technology sent to it online, in particular for the development, manufacture and marketing of products using such information.

8. WANDER's online services may contain information on products and services that are not available in every location and country. A reference to goods or services of WANDER is therefore not a confirmation that said goods or services are available in a particular location or country.

9. WANDER does not review websites of third parties linked to its online services and is not responsible for the content of said sites or links to said sites. WANDER's online services may themselves be linked; however, said links may include only top-level and second-level domains (e.g. Services may not be linked within said domains, otherwise known as deep links.

10. Although WANDER may occasionally monitor discussions, chats, dispatches, transmissions and bulletin boards connected with its online activities, WANDER is not obligated to do so and accepts no responsibility or liability resulting from the content of the aforementioned, in particular not for incorrect information, infringements of personal rights, pornography, discrimination or for any material that could constitute or encourage behaviour that may be seen as a criminal act, give rise to civil liability or otherwise contravenes the law. However, WANDER openly condemns such activities and supports the authorities in their efforts against said activities as far as possible and as permissible, in particular by disclosing the identity of the initiators of such activities.

Furthermore, WANDER draws attention to the fact that user entries connected with WANDER's online services do not reflect the opinion of WANDER or the companies associated with it.

11. If WANDER determines that a user has contravened any of the rules contained in these terms, WANDER is authorised to immediately take measures and to prevent the user from using WANDER's offered services and remove any information, data and contents published by the user on WANDER's servers or those of its hosting partners at any time and without advance notice. WANDER assumes no liability arising from these measures.

12. The users of WANDER's online services undertake to release WANDER from any legal claims and related costs in connection with the use of WANDER's online services; this applies in particular to legal claims resulting from the contravention of the rules of these terms of use.

13. WANDER can change these terms of use by updating them at any time. Such changes are binding on the users of WANDER's online services, and they should therefore visit this page regularly to view the current terms.

14. Swiss law will apply to any disputes connected with the use of WANDER's online services. Subject to mandatory legal jurisdictions, the place of jurisdiction is Neuenegg, Canton Bern, Switzerland.

II. Privacy Policy

WANDER's active data protection policy also applies to all online services. It includes rules on the collection, processing and use of personal data. Users can receive further information on data protection from, +41 31 377 21 11, or WANDER AG, Data Protection, Fabrikstrasse 10, PO Box, CH-3176 Neuenegg.

1. Privacy guarantee
The express purpose of data protection is to guarantee the privacy of natural and legal persons. Therefore, data through which a connection can be established, i.e. “personal data”, in particular name, birth date, telephone number, email and residential address, must be protected in accordance with Swiss data protection law.

The following comments explain how and when WANDER collects personal data and the rules under which WANDER processes this data.

2. Intentional collection and processing of personal data
WANDER collects and processes personal data necessary only for the use of WANDER's online services.

3. Confidentiality of personal data
WANDER uses the personal data collected as part of the online services solely within its own corporate group and does not pass on data to third parties, except when this is necessary to carry out online services or when WANDER has obtained the express permission of the relevant person when collecting the data, or when permission arises from the circumstances.

Where disclosure of personal data to third parties is necessary, WANDER will endeavour to clearly indicate the disclosure and intended purpose.

Such third parties may comply with other data protection principles. Nevertheless, WANDER makes every effort to ensure that such third parties operate a data protection policy with similarly high security standards as WANDER. Where necessary, WANDER will ensure through a contract with the third party that the data passed on to the third party is used and processed only for the express purpose designated by WANDER.

WANDER stores personal data according to the requirements of Swiss data protection law.

4. Right of access, right of rectification or right of deletion
Users who make personal data known when using WANDER's online services may at any time request information on the data registered at WANDER from WANDER's data protection officer (cf. address above). Users must identify themselves satisfactorily with the appropriate application.

As a result, users can request the rectification or – when it is not impossible on legally compelling grounds – the deletion of their personal data.

5. Data transfer overseas
WANDER is an internationally active company and owns databases in countries with different legal systems.WANDER must be able to move personal data to databases outside the country of residence of the person concerned. If personal data is exported to a country that does not meet international data protection standards, WANDER undertakes to ensure that these standards are adhered to where possible.

6. Anonymous data
The majority of data recorded by WANDER on users of WANDER's online services is data that does not allow conclusions to be drawn about users. No personal data will be collected without the express or implied consent of the relevant person.

Anonymous information is collected by WANDER in order to better align the online services with customer needs and to create statistics for internal market analysis purposes on the usage of the online services.

7. Marketing
In the case of email marketing, WANDER adheres to the established Europe-wide opt-in principle: WANDER sends commercial emails or newsletters only to people who have given their express or implied consent to receiving such mail or with whom WANDER already has a business relationship.

In addition, WANDER gives all recipients of commercial emails the opportunity to unsubscribe from the relevant address list.

CH-Neuenegg, 11th December 2006