The story so farů.

From the moment of pleasure to the golden design.


In a winter so cold that all the lakes in Switzerland are frozen over, the chocolaty side of life is invented. Caotina – such a melodious name for such a delicious product. Launched by Wander in 1963, a moment of pure enjoyment is born. A sensual drinking experience made from the best Swiss chocolate. "Something new, something delicious – for you, for him ... for everyone!," woos the first slogan.


After being successfully introduced in the French-speaking part of Switzerland , Caotina was launched nationwide. First supplied exclusively to cafes and restaurants, it was later expanded to food retailers. A new breakfast table favourite was born. Caotina's high solubility sets it apart from other brands – Caotina can be dissolved in cold as well as in hot milk.


Within a very short time, Caotina conquers the whole of Switzerland. In a bright red-orange tin – perfectly in keeping with the colourful hippie outfits of the early seventies.


It's not only Madonna that causes a stir in the mid-eighties with her exotic outfits, the Caotina tin also receives a new look – from now on, round and a warm brown. The secret of success, however, remains the same: regardless of whether it's cold or warm, Caotina provides the taste of best Swiss chocolate.


In the mid-nineties, e-mails become popular and boy groups take over the music world. Caotina also moves with the times: from 1990, the design of the tin changes continually in small steps. On a brown background, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate squares now promise the only true drinking pleasure.


With Caotina noir and Caotina blanc, dark and white chocolate are available to drink for the very first time. With its 45% cocoa, Caotina noir is a real bitter-sweet taste experience for lovers of dark chocolate. On the other hand, thanks to its refined recipe, Caotina blanc provides the delicate taste of Swiss white chocolate.


Whoever drinks Caotina enjoys small islands of enjoyment in the rush of everyday life. Close your eyes and imagine the taste on your lips: the incomparable chocolate flavour. This not only makes you yearn for Caotina, the specially composed song also has its own fan club.


The time has now come for the packaging to be updated. The thin chocolate squares are being replaced by authentic chocolate and Caotina surfin, the original with the taste of milk chocolate that was launched nearly 50 years ago in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, is now called Caotina original.


50th anniversary of Caotina!
After 50 years of success in Switzerland, Caotina conquers now the wold! Our new international designs emphasis on Swissness and illustrate the combination of Swiss chocolate and milk.